Our Training Services

 Risk – Bespoke/ In-House Courses

Our team of risk experts can design and deliver bespoke and in-house courses to suit your organisational needs.  We can provide training for each of the traditional 3 lines of defence and the Board. Typical training requirements that we are being asked to provide include:

  • Board over view of Risk management
  • Setting appropriate risk Appetite standards
  • Creating risk registers
  • Identifying Key Risk Indicators (KRIs)
  • Risk management fundamentals
  • The implications of the Long Term Viability Statement requirement by Boards
We have worked in many industries in many parts of the world including:

Risk – Public Courses

In conjunction with the Institute for Risk Management we run a series of Public courses in the following subjects:

Fundamentals of Risk Management (FoRM) – The course delivers the foundations of enterprise risk management (in line with the global ISO 31000 risk management standard), in a fast-paced and interactive style, incorporating case studies and current affairs.

Embedding Risk Management (Advanced FoRM) – a workshop style session over two days in which participants learn how to implement a risk management framework in their organisation.

Practical Risk Appetite and Tolerance – A two-day course designed to assist organisations on how to set up and implement a Risk Appetite framework that guides them on the initiatives and boundaries involved in achieving business objectives

Long term Viability Statements – how to comply with the PLC listing code requirement on Boards to publish a long term Viability report taking account of the organisations key risks

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Finance / Governance – Bespoke

Our Finance, Governance and Business experts can tailor Finance and Governance training for your organisation.


  • Finance for non-finance people
  • Understanding the importance of cash flow management
  • Valuation techniques
  • The role of a Head of Finance


  • Understanding Stakeholder Theory
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Board members, including non-executives (NEDs)
  • Implementing a Corporate Suite framework
  • Governance rules set by Laws and Regulators



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